About cognition hub

about us

Cognition Hub formally started in July 2018 with a mission to inspire a nation to be the change makers, to step up and take their own decisions and to be the leaders of industry that they step in. Cognition Hub’s work aims to be the cornerstone for erupting a change in the society that enables us to think past our barriers enhancing creativity and bringing innovation to our thoughts while keeping the focus on action. We are empowering the people in the domains of social empowerment, relationship management, environmental awareness and development, rural development and disaster risk reduction and relief management. From creating more tolerant youth, to developing the most underprivileged areas, we take each and every task involved as our personal responsibility to the society, formulate a plan that not only uplifts the lives of people but at the same time trains them to be the agent of change and hence support the change that they are willing to see in their society. The vision that we are aspiring for looks like a steep hill climb but we are committed to transforming that vision into a reality. We believe that the harder the hardships are the greater the reward will be and so, we do not cut corners our efforts




Empathy is the most important element to any work. It is empathy that brings us closer to the people and lets us help them uplift their standards of life and to show them a new way that can be adopted to solve a problem.


The world is changing fast and to keep up with the pace we have to do our best to innovate in the limited resources that we have around us. We have proven to be innovative by proposing and executing unique solutions to everyday problems.



Every piece of work that we do we put our full efforts in and this reflects in the quality of our products and programs. To further ensure that the quality remains consistent we have placed mechanisms to keep an eye on the quality of our programs and products.


Integrity is one of the values we take pride for, it helped us to grow from an idea to a company that can reach people and help them uplift their lives.

our mission

Our mission is to build a nation that is inspired to change the lives of others. We believe that once a person’s life is uplifted it triggers a chain reaction and inspires that person to change the lives of others as well. It is our mission that this ultimately becomes a nation-wide movement that aims at improving the lives of others.

our vision

Our vision is a world where everyone is empowered, inspired and brought up to help others. Uplifting the lives of others should not be an option., rather a necessary moral obligation that is assumed at every stage of one’s life.

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