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M.Com, M.B.Econ, LLB, FPFA, ACIS having more than 15 years’ experience of working in corporate and public sector at various levels. He has recently left from the position of Assistant Director / Registrar, Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) Islamabad-Pakistan after serving for 10 years where I worked in the area of corporate compliance, business startups, formation of legal entities (Local Companies, NGOs, INGOs, Foreign Companies, JVs), Initial Public Offering, Commodity Exchange, Employee Stock Option Schemes, Enforcement of Companies Laws, Research, development of new laws and new “business development” concepts

Executive Coach

Adeel Jhatalla is an experienced Executive Coach with Possibilities credentials and graduation from an intensive three months coach training program. Currently located in Islamabad, Pakistan, Adeel has seven years of work experience in Islamabad, Dubai, Peshawar and Lahore. He wants to bring change in executive’s behavior for themselves and for their teams. Mr. Jhatalla supports executives in discovering their true potential who foresee a bright future and inspire their teams to turn it into reality. He supports his clients at every step of the way – to empower them and to strengthen their belief in themselves and their ability to overcome hurdles along the way.


I am an educationist by profession, PhD scholar and certified trainer of SOL and also vocational Entrepreneur. I believe that positive change can occur by serving young minds and by educating souls. My aim is to strive for youth and society by fulfilling my role. I use painting ,poetry and training as a medium of an expression. My journey of training and facilitation began from Peshawar where I started volunteer work with different youth led organizations.




Talha Aslam is a Trainer, a Filmmaker and Entrepreneur. He is currently working on his news aggregator "News Oxide". He is Working as a Facilitator at 'Peremere Event Management. He is Also Affiliated with a few NGOs, Public Groups and Youth Organisations. Mr. Talha focus on core beliefs and values during his trainings as per his belief that the inside of a man is full of his history and culture. He is a socialpreneur and follows the idea of giving more and more what is desired more. He insists that no being can prosper without the aid of other beings. He emphasizes on the idea that there is always a better way to do everything that is being done. He believes that identifying the problem is more import-ant rather than solving the problem.


This is Rezaa Sherazi. I galvanize others through the verses i write and through lucidity. I am basically a poet who was so worn out and later in life made into a philanthropist who now wants to leave this planet when die a better place for our posterity’s. I possess a tranquil demeanor though i too have my skeletons in my closets. I put on the coherent mode when i reason with others. I keep abreast of what and how things work out around me. Pears of mine say i am austere in my beliefs but i think otherwise as i know i am not fanatic. In a nutshell i am not half as good as many others out there and not half as bad as you may think i am. I am a nomad as many others and trying to make my journey my destination.                 


Being a doctorate of management and having ten years of enriched experience of working with organisations, Awais believes in individuality. He works with people to build strong teams and is working as a lead trainer with Cognition Hub.